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BarCamp Tokyo 2012







Populate the Wiki :-)



Push back to January 20, 2013

Venue options

  • If in November- the wesley center- minami aoyama (a bit smaller, max would be 70-80 people)
  • talk to IMAPACT and TODD about other potentials
  • if in January- AJIS in Hikarigaoka

PR Prep


Looking at Tbarcamp 2009 page, it is clear that a good logo is pretty important. Since we are looking at a time frame of less than 2 months, this needs to be done ASAP


OX (Open-X) (open tech, open data, open communities, open software, open hardware, Open information) please brainstorm around the theme- to speak or host a topic discussion time to brainstorm and key in on what we want to work on, propose, etc

Sponsors WHAT? and WHY?

We need sponsors for Food, beverages, hardware extras, and the T-shirts

  • T-shirts ran about 700 yen so 100 would be 70,000
  • Breakfast 30,000-40,000 coffee, tea, donuts, fruit
  • Lunch Bentos about 80,000 or 800 yen a piece

For sponsoring Barcamp- sponsors get-

  • logo on t-shirt
  • access to put something if gift bag
  • banner, or posters in main room
  • can put info on information table
  • If a sponsor donates all for one item- ie all cash for t-shirts then they get special mention around that item
  • listing on PR before event and listing on post event wrap up emails etc.

Sponsors WHO? potential asks

  • O'Reilly
  • Google
  • Oracle
  • Snapdish
  • Quchi
  • Sapphire Interactive
  • The Pink Cow
  • fab cafe
  • Yahoo! japan
  • Rakuten

Sponsors Committed

SWAG BAG - items to ask for

what we need-

  • bags
  • snack- BRANDED with Sticker
  • branded - we can sticker- bottled water/ water reusable thingy
  • pens and sticky notes

Our own wiki is good for planning, but as things get locked in, it needs to go over to a bco page. Does one exist?

See for how to make a sequel. RichardFrankum

PR blitz

Good PR gets sponsors. Good PR gets topic MCs and speakers. Good PR makes or breaks the event. Who is doing it? What are they doing? Through what PR channels?

  • Facebook page URL
  • Meetup page URL
  • page URL
  • Twitter hashtag

Technical prep

The only thing that matters: Internetz

Point made


THS has access to a bag of wifi routers. We need someone to take charge of planning the venue infrastructure and preparing said routers to act the way they should, as well as place and test on the day.


All speakers/topics and spaces should have access to camera, pc and ability to record and stream. Where will these streams go? Is it better to simply record everything, THEN put the videos up on a web site after? (ie no official streaming, unless someone decides they want to do it?)

Web Space

A web site should be set up to PR the event, as well as take in materials after the event, such as videos of each presentation, slide show files and pdfs.

Organizational prep


  • Who is running the show?

-Main committee at this time; MRE, Lauren, Chris, Akiba, Taylan, Romedius, Ben

  • Who is backing them up

-THS, ???


Are you willing to volunteer? List your name and contact info here, along with area of expertise or what you are interested in doing.

  • Name - Things I can do, or want to do

Delegated Tasks

If a name and task are listed here, you are committed to do said task. If there is a question mark next to your name- then we added you and we need you to confirm you are ok with our request! Things we need are in BOLD please sign up.

  • Logo Design - Romedius
  • Badge - Taylan
  • Network Internet structure on the day- Chris?
  • Venue Liaison- Lauren
  • Sponsor Liaison- Lauren
  • T-shirt- Chris
  • Facebook site setup and networked social media - Romedius
  • Outreach to other groups like Safecast, TLUG, artists, Etc? ???
  • Documenting on the day
  • looking for potentional great speakers to come?
  • brainstorming possible presentations
  • Language assistance
  • Food services - Lauren
  • Swag Bag
  • Manage attendee list
  • Information Table
  • Online Pre-event PR tantosha
  • Master Scheduler - Emery
  • Nijikai planning

Presenters/Topic MCs


OX (Open-X) open tech, open data, open communities, open software, open hardware, Open information,

Requested topics list

List up anything you think you would like to have a speaker present on, or would be interested in discussing. Anything and everything is ok, even if it does not match the theme. It's a brainstorm.

  • security vs openness
  • big data
  • DIY/ DIO
  • Safecast open data
  • The Home Factory
  • Cross Cultural Tech
  • Hackerspaces globally
  • Adroid vs ios
  • What is a barcamp
  • crowdsourcing science
  • open education
  • open networks
  • open databases
  • tech-global-nomads
  • how air b and b changes everything
  • what is the future of twitter/ facebook/ google+
  • Apple Maps- what went wrong and why?
  • Yelp and open reviews- customer feedback- good or evil?
  • roundtable on what apps we would love to use that don't exist yet?
  • open elections
  • japan's new data laws
  • hackerspaces in japan - ths, okayama, staart your own, fab cafe building a network of hackerspaces in japan.

Barcamp Tokyo 2009


Take a look at the Sponsors :-)

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