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Why domes?

Domes are easy to build, cheap and exceedingly strong. Domes are, in fact, so strong that they provide close to 100% protection from earthquakes, tsunami and storms. Concrete domes are almost 100% fireproof. The lifespan of many domes is measured in centuries, not years. Domes require minimal maintenance. Domes look cooler than anything humans have ever built...


There are 3 main types of dome; geodesic, monolithic and sectional.

  • Geodesic

Geodesic domes are domes made from straight members. Tokyo Hackerspace can make some geodesic dome kits for people working in affected areas.

  • Monolithic

One-piece domes, typically concrete.

  • Sectional

Made of curved sections of metal, concrete or foam.


  • Temporary shelter or base.
  • Long-term housing.
  • Greenhouse.
  • Storage.

Getting Started

We need to build a small geodesic dome model from bamboo, PVC pipe or metal pipe. We should then build a 4-meter diameter dome for the hackerspace garden, and experiment with different coverings. This would become the THS Dome, and would serve many useful purposes at events.


1 tonne press to flatten ends of metal pipe struts:


  • Websites

Background on the mathematics of geodesic domes can be found here: Geodesic Math and How To Use It

Example of a metal pipe dome using custom-built connectors:

How to make a geodesic dome from metal pipe:

Eco-dome website:

  • Videos

Detailed video on monolithic domes:

Video showing PVC pipe dome:

Video showing assembly of metal pipe dome:

52-foot geodesic greenhouse:

Sectional dome:

  • Books (All

Geodesic Domes by Borin Van Loon

Geodesic Math and How to Use It by Hugh Kenner

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