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Personal protection packs (PPPs) are designed to provide a minimal level of protection for people who are searching through rubble or partially destroyed buildings. Quake victims will be looking for personal items in wreckage and also trying to sort out damaged houses. They will be subject to a variety of health risks such as dust, toxic chemicals and biological agents.

PPPs do NOT include personal wear (sturdy shoes, clothing, etc.)!

A PPP consists of:

  • helmet
  • goggles/ protective eye-wear
  • dust mask + spare filter
  • strong gloves (kevlar?)
  • rubber gloves
  • eyewash
  • torch light
  • pencil / paper ?
  • ziploc bag
  • instruction sheet

To do:

  1. Decide on specifications of each item
  2. Source items
    1. One way is to ask medical bodies to pay for related items eg. ophthalmologists could pay for the goggles.
  3. Distribute

PROJECT RELATED EVENTS - Kimono Wine and Grill is organizing Action Brunches for people to donate items and help create these PPPs we are accepting donations Wed-Sat 6pm-10pm and Sunday 10am-4pm. Email [] for details or check out the event on Facebook

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