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This is a temporary location for meeting notes. Please check the regular site for the latest updates. Minutes for each meeting will be copied there.

  • weekly meetings are tagged there with the tag "thsweekly"
  • A template for weekly meetings should be placed there sometime.

Tuesday Meeting Agendas/Reports for THS (temporary location):

Meeting Coordinator HowTo/ToDo:

Meeting coordinators help ensure that things get done in weekly Tuesday meetings in addition to the general shit-shooting and camaraderie. Anybody can be a meeting coordinator - just volunteer at the end of a meeting! Here are a few notes on how to be a good meeting coordinator:

Before the meeting (ideally by the Sunday before the Tuesday meeting):

  • Make sure the link above to your meeting is right
  • Prepare a draft by editing that page (if there is any content already, please consider it for inclusion)
    • Readability/parse-ability is important for making people want to come
    • Use of links in wiki agenda is highly encouraged
  • Once the draft is "ready", please post to the ML a link to your meeting agenda.

During the meeting:

  • Come a bit earlier to THS
  • Write a summary of the agenda on the white board
  • Make sure meeting is not going astray from the agenda
  • write down notes of what is happening
  • make sure before most of the people leave that THS is in order, no garbage left, etc.

After the meeting (ideally by the Thursday following the meeting):

  • on the meeting page add a summary of what happened for those that couldn't make it
  • edit/add the link to the following meeting, fixing the next meeting coordinator
  • edit the following meeting page by filling in any to-be-discussed/reported points
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