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2011-04-19 meeting notes

Minutes Scribe: Kalin

Intro / food

Quite a few new people showed up; I think members were less in numbers than non-members... Chris made very tasty "pulled pork sandwiches"!


We need to keep THS going, bear with us!

Money (Lauren)

THS is using about JPY 120,000/month for rent; half of the money comes from membership fees. Please become members (JPY 5,000/month) and organize workshops to help bring life and cashflow to the space. (Part of workshop fees always goes to support THS - the other parts are divided in some fashion between materials costs/instructor fees/charity depending on the occasion.)

BBQ (Chris)

Next Saturday 2011-04-23 13:00-16:00 there will be a great BBQ at the house; JPY 2,000/person, bring drinks, do NOT bring those little tasteless (jp) sausages you find in supermarkets, I will not cook them.

Lantern build day (Akiba)

Akiba is quite busy with radiation, we need a coordinator for lantern build day, volunteers ?

Meeting coordinator (Kalin)

From last week, we are having Tues meeting coordinator. The coordinator comes early, writes on the board, moderates discussion, makes sure house is left in order, and publishes meeting notes (like this) following the meeting.

For the next meetings, we agreed on coordinators:


PPP (Lauren)

Lauren explained the need of PPPs Personal Protection Packs

Car battery to phone charger

Taylan will be redesigning/testing the phone charger

solar chargers distribution (MRE)

We are getting 500 solar chargers today, buying cable adapters and sending them up


Carlos Miranda LEVY / Relief 2.0

Carlos from Relief 2.0 who has done some 12 missions to Haiti and has been up north Japan a few times gave us an update on the situation; main conclusion (for me):

  • Disasters do NOT produce refugees, but responses to disasters DO produce refugees: let the people take car of themselves (don't give them fish, help them fish for themselves)

Brendan HARVEY / Global DIRT

Global DIRT has measured some alarming things around Dai-ichi; we are getting the data and further cooperating with them.


Lots of going on, too hard to summarize right now :-(

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