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Agenda/Report for Apr 26th, 2011 meeting

THS general

  • Events:
    • Arduino 4/27 - MRE, Taylan
    • Knots 4/28 - Taylan
    • BBQ 5/7
    • Web programming 5/12
    • Bacon 5/19 5/28
  • Tuesdays are free for non-members, but other days are free for members only - please rent the space if you plan to use it at other times and you want non-members to participate.
  • Financial report from Lauren would be good
  • A sustainable future for THS - getting back to pushing forward with the web shop. We can lead off right away with kimono lantern kits, eventually geiger kits, shirts, etc. we absolutely need to diversify our revenue stream as much as possible. Push forward with recruitment (doing well actually, what with so many people wanting to be involved in the Japan aid work).

Tohoku projects

  • Building a 'second wave' of awareness/contribution from the global community
  • Solar charger project:
    • coordinate some volunteer buyers: I will need to transfer the USD to Yen. I have already made a small purchase amounting to 7800 out of pocket to be reembursed.
    • The delivery was broken down into 10 x 50 piece boxes, so we could buy cables around that system.
    • Contact delivery drivers willing to deliver chargers and take photos
    • Status: need to chase USB adapter company
  • Solar lanterns:
    • Much the same as above - we need to start coordinating deliveries with volunteer orgs, etc.
    • Status: 60 or so built, 90 to go
  • 12V chargers (Taylan)
    • Status: Still has design issues, sending prototype batch this weekend
  • Volunteering over golden week - peaceboat? Allhands volunteers? GlobalDIRT? Who wants to go? do we have vehicles? What supplies will we need to procure for ourselves?
  • We have a few boxes of donated goods. We need to sort them and deliver them to 2nd Harvest, etc. Some supplies simply cannot be donated directly (such as foreign OTCs). however, they can be given to aid workers for personal use.

Update on Safecast Radiation Monitoring/Mapping

  • First data collection mission turned up shocking data. Will post more details and talk about what's needed in the future.There are three main things we need to coordinate with Safecast on:
  • Hardware design, testing and assembly - Consists primarily of designing, soldering, assembling, testing geiger counters
  • Data collection - Consists of mounting data collection equipment on to cars, volunteer drivers, interfacing with other volunteers in Fukushima
  • Mapping data - Consists of taking collected data, writing scripts to upload data to Pachube, writing scripts to upload data to safecast map, designing map interface, visualization
    • Note: We're working out gaping holes in Pachube's features. We can't store geotagged data. We're saving all the data into different streams on Pachube. Then pulling from those streams and adding it to the radiation map. Essentially, Pachube is just serving as a public repository. We're going to need coding help to grab the data and parse it into usable points on google maps.

Action points for next meeting

  • Want to schedule a 10 min block for discussing the ways to continue to fund THS (brainstorming) next week

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